About Us

we’re experts at growing Twitter accounts by increasing the amount of followers our clients have, as well as growing their Instagram and Facebook presence. All of our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Here’s why you should grow your accounts with us:

#1 – Promote to a wider audience

This one almost goes without saying, but when you have a significant following, more people will be seeing your tweets and status updates, which means more clickthroughs, more engagement, and more eyes on your content.

#2 – People follow accounts with followers

The crowd-effect is a true psychological phenomena. When your visitors see that your pages have thousands of followers, they will be more likely to become a follower of your page as well than if you had very few fans.

#3 – Balance your follower/following ratio

When people first start their accounts, they follow thousands of people in hopes that most of those people will follow them back, which would in turn grow their profile. However, nobody wants a profile where they are following a significant amount of people with few people following them back. We can help offset that number to increase the number of people following you.

#4 – Work towards getting a verified profile

When you have a large enough page or profile and become influential, you have a chance at getting a verified profile, which means a little checkmark will appear next to your name to show you have a verified account. This is generally reserved for celebrities and large organizations, but having a very large page can help you become verified (we have helped hundreds of our own clients become verified).

#5 – Cultivate social proof

If your customer was researching your business and stumbled across your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, only to see you have less than 100 fans on each page, what if you were to lose that fan because they saw that you may not be trustworthy or reputable enough? Having more followers helps build social proof, which is a useful sales tool in itself.

#6 – Increase the value of your business

Simply put, having a large Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook following is valuable. If you have a website with accounts tied to it, that website will sell for more if it comes with established social media accounts. We will even let you sell Tweets on your Twitter account to advertisers if you have a large following. Some of our customers make thousands per month doing this.